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Haunted History of Delaware

"The new standard for paranormal books. Hitchens has just created one of the definitive texts that site-specific paranormal study has been missing! Haunted History of Delaware is clearly carefully researched, includes stories from Delawareans of all different identities, and presents the information in an accessible format. This book would be a wonderful guide for a road-trip (all the places are already ordered for a North-to-South journey) while still being just as spooky to read right before bed. This may be the author's first book, but it certainly won't be the last!"

- Reviewer, July 27, 2021.

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The Confession of Jeffrey Dahmer

"A tour-de-force solo show that will keep you spellbound, stunned, and sickened.  Written and performed by the astonishing Josh Hitchens . . . Skillfully directed with tension and suspense by Ryan Walter . . . Riveting, repulsive, and seductive . . . This is one stellar, award-worthy performance with a blood-curdling message no one should ignore."
- Deb Miller, Phindie.

"Oh my God, it was mesmerizing.  I know because twice I managed to look away from Hitchens in order to glance at the audience and they were motionless, stunned, rapt. Hitchens' impersonation of a man who killed human beings, ate their hearts, and kept their skulls as trophies is both moving and horrific. None of it is played for visceral kicks. His Dahmer is a very human monster, in part appalling and in part sympathetic . . . Though Dahmer tells you up front that there will be no explanations, this narrative (taken from his confession, courtroom testimony, and subsequent interviews) provides as close to an explanation of his behavior as we're going to get."

- Author Michael Swanwick.


Ghost Stories

"Hitchens is an intimate, compelling storyteller, and these tales flow from pathos to laughter to chills under director Ryan Walter. Hitchens describes the shadows that haunted the stairs of his childhood home, a sinister ghost who beckoned to him from the edge of the woods, and the things that followed him for seven years after one scary night with a Ouija board...Whether or not you believe ghost stories isn't important. Every well told story has a grain of truth, and you can find ones here that mean something to you...Being afraid demands a primal human bond that laughter, suspense, excitement, or even sadness never will. Maybe ghost stories aren't about fear at all, but about that underlying vulnerability and the magnetic connections that follow...Hitchens says that when you feel a presence in the dark, "It's behind you." Maybe that means its lurking, hunting you. Or maybe that means you have the choice to engage with it or not, believe in it or not, as you move forward."
- Alaina Johns, Broad Street Review.


Stoker's Dracula

"You may have seen one of the hundreds of adaptations of the book, but you have never seen any quite like this.  Hitchens captures the spirit of the time and characters with a chilling fierceness.  The performance is intimate and at times intensely frightening."
- Brian Stone, WHYY Newsworks.

"An enthralling 70 minute condensed version of the 1897 vampire classic that will leave your hair raised, your skin crawling, your spine tingling, and your blood curdled.  In a remarkable performance, Hitchens assumes all the roles - both male and female - with split-second timing . . . he brings startling movements and scary inflections to Stoker's haunting words.  The eeriness of the script is enhanced by a single spotlight that casts ominous shadows on the walls, and that Hitchens at times extinguishes, plunging the space into total darkness and allowing the viewer's imagination to run wild.  Even with the absence of light, you will be held in rapt attention by this brilliant tour de force."
​- Deb Miller, Phindie.

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